Policy Briefs and Debates

SIM Europe Policy Briefs

SIM Europe Policy Briefs are a new series of 10- to 15-page publications. They complement the Social Justice Index and Reform Barometer studies with evidence-based, in-depth analyses focusing on selected topics of social inclusion in selected countries, thereby merging the results from these two instruments (i.e. status of social inclusion and reforms / social policy change). They also provide the basis for discussions at local events held in corresponding European capitals (see “SIM Europe Debates” below). To do so, they contain clear policy recommendations and/or conclude with the most relevant questions that need to be discussed concerning the topic under consideration.

All Policy Briefs are available here.

SIM Europe Debates

The Bertelsmann Stiftung organises SIM Europe Debates in selected European capitals in order to foster debate on the topic of social inclusion in the member states and to discuss the project findings in a country-specific context. This includes findings from the Social Justice Index study as well as results from the Reform Barometer study. With our joint debates, we shed light on the countries’ performances and discuss possible ways to improve the social situation in these countries.

Download Labour Market and Social Policy in Italy: Challenges and Changes.pdf

Download Young people at risk: Challenges and policy options for the UK.pdf